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Garbage Incinerator Main disposal method of municipal solid waste includes incineration, composting, and landfill. Incineration is the most effective method, realizing the goal of harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization. After incineration, it can eliminate a lot of harmful germs and toxic substances. After incineration, the volume can be reduced by more than 90%; the weight can be reduced by more than 80%; the generated heat energy can be used for power generation and heat supply. The incineration method features large processing capacity, high speed, and small floor area. Due to the superiority of the incineration method, garbage incinerator has become an important way of waste disposal in recent years. Technical characteristics of garbage incinerator 1. It adopts single drum natural circulation vertical or horizontal arrangement, with superheater, spray type desuperheater, primary and secondary air preheater and economizer. 2. The cold air is fed from the bottom of the furnace and blown out from the gap of the grate, which has a good cooling effect on the grate. 3. The falling of the garbage makes it fully flipped and stirred, which ensures that all garbages are exposed to the combustion air and fully burned. 4. The segmented adjustment of the grate makes the control of the combustion condition is more convenient. 5. Easy, stable and reliable operation. Wide fuel adaptability ensures that most of the solid waste can be directly burned in the furnace without any pretreatment. 6. Furnace arch and combustion chamber design as well as air layout and distribution are suitable for the low calorific value and high moisture of urban garbage. 7. The furnace adopts a full-membrane wall structure, so the sealing effect is more reliable. 8. The convective heating surface adopts appropriate flue gas speed and anti-friction cover, and the center distance of the pipe is properly arranged to avoid the tube bundle being blocked by fly ash.  
Technical Data of Garbage Incinerator
Garbage incineration capacity (ton/day) Rated Evaporation Capacity (t/h) Rated Steam Pressure (MPa) Feed Water Temperature (°C) Rated Steam Temperature (°C) Flue gas Temperature (°C) Structure type
200 15 2.5 105 400 14.8 Vertical
250 19 2.5 105 400 42 Vertical
300 23 2.5 105 400 62.65 Vertical
350 27 4 130 400 190 Horizontal
400 31 4 130 400 190 Horizontal
450 35 4 130 400 190 Horizontal
500 39 4 130 400 190 Horizontal
550 43 4 130 400 190 Horizontal
600 47 4 130 400 190 Horizontal
800 63 4 130 400 190 Horizontal
Note 1. Design thermal efficiency is 81%. 2. Heat efficiency is calculated by LHV 6280KJ/Kg(1500kcal/kg).