75TPH Coal CFB Boiler Delivered to Indonesia

75TPH Coal CFB Boiler is the most common CFB boiler in China. In September 2021, industrial boiler manufacturer Taishan Group delivered the first batch of 75TPH Coal CFB Boiler to Indonesia. It is the third-generation low bed temperature and low bed pressure CFB boiler. First batch includes boiler body, chimney, bag filter, pneumatic ash conveying, limestone injection into the furnace, water tank, ash silo, slag silo, limestone powder bunker, coal bunker, flue gas and air duct.

The 75TPH Coal CFB Boiler is used for hydrometallurgical process of laterite nickel ore. The project is located at Tsingshan Industrial Park, Morowali County, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The boiler delivery will be made in three batches. First batch delivery is over, and it will arrive at the project site in early November. Second batch includes masonry and insulation material, steam and water piping, slag removal system, coal feeding system, boiler plant steel structure, and other boiler auxiliaries. Third batch includes electric system, thermal control system, metering and lab instrument, cable and wire, cable tray, etc. The whole erection and commissioning period will be five months from November 2021 to March 2022. However, the coal CFB boiler will generate steam in the end of March 2022 as scheduled.

75TPH Coal CFB Boiler Delivered to Indonesia

Technical data of the 75TPH Coal CFB Boiler

Model: DHX75-6.4-H

Capacity: 75t/h

Rated steam pressure: 6.4MPa

Rated steam temperature: 280℃

Feed water temperature: 104℃

Flue gas temperature: 150℃

Boiler efficiency: 89%

Load range: 30-110%

Blowdown rate: 2%

Coal particle: 0-10mm

Coal LHV: 15750kJ/kg

Fuel consumption: 12.8t/h

Dust emission: 50mg/m3

SO2 emission: 300mg/m3

NOx emission: 300mg/m3