Improvement on CFB Boiler Cyclone Separator

Cyclone separator is one of the core components of biomass CFB boiler. After the fuel is burned, the fly ash passes through the cyclone separator, and the solid particles are separated from the flue gas. There are some incompletely burned fuel and unreacted desulfurizer in the solid particles. Such solid particles will be re-injected into furnace for combustion and desulfurization reaction. While improving the combustion efficiency, it also improves the desulfurization efficiency and reduces the amount of desulfurizer. The improvement of combustion efficiency and reuse of desulfurizer reduce the overall use cost of the boiler correspondingly, realizing the goal of energy saving.

Role of Cyclone Separator:

1. Separate the solid particles from the flue gas;

2. Realize cycle combustion of fuel and improve combustion efficiency;

3. Realize recycling of desulfurizer and save the amount of desulfurizer;

4. Shorten the start-up time and save cost;

5. Adopt a tube-clad furnace wall, reducing the amount of refractory materials, and reducing boiler load-bearing capacity;

6. 850℃ provides the best place for SNCR; if the flue gas stays in the separator for over 1.7S, denitration efficiency can reach 70%.

Improvement on CFB Boiler Cyclone Separator

Traditional CFB boiler has low separation efficiency and cycle rate, which results in low fuel combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency. Our new type CFB boiler adopts single drum, high-temperature single center cylinder cyclone separator structure (M-type layout). The furnace, separator, and tail shaft are independent, and welded and sealed very well, which solves the seal problem and improves the boiler combustion efficiency. At present, the efficiency of our CFB boiler is over 89.5%.

In the future, power plant boiler manufacturer Taishan Group will continue to make persistent efforts. We will conform to the development of science and technology and the progress of the times as always, strive to innovate, and realize its self-worth in the boiler industry.