Research and Development on 10TPH CFB Boiler

10TPH CFB Boiler Introduction

This 10TPH CFB boiler is double-drum horizontal natural circulation water tube boiler. The fuel calorific value ranges from 12600 to 16800kJ/kg, and it can co-fire coal gangue and high calorific value coal. It can also burn high-sulphur coal, and the desulfurization rate can reach 85%-90% by adding appropriate proportion of limestone.

Technical parameters of 10TPH CFB boiler

Model: SHF10-2.5/400-AI

Capacity: 10t/h

Steam pressure: 2.5MPa

Steam temperature: 400℃

Feed water temperature: 105℃

Hot air temperature: 120℃

Design efficiency: >78%

Flue gas temperature: 180℃

Design coal type: Class-I soft coal, Q=12995kJ/kg, particle size=1-10mm

Research and Development on 10TPH CFB Boiler

10TPH CFB Boiler Design characteristics

1. Inclined air distributor: making bed material form internal circulation, improving combustion and desulfurization efficiency, facilitating the discharge of large-size ash.

2. Secondary air: spraying certain secondary air into the suspension space to form a strong vortex flow field. The particle gets tangential velocity and are thrown to the membrane wall. Coarse particles fall back to bed to form internal circulation; medium-sized particles form particle suspension layer and stays longer time. High-speed tangential secondary air improves the disturbance and lateral mixing of suspension space, which will inhibit the formation of NOx. Since secondary air facilitates the separating of fly ash, it also reduces the original emission of particle.

3. Groove-type inertial separator: it can separate the fly ash with a particle size of 0.1-0.5mm from the flue gas. Fly ash returns to furnace for cyclic combustion via fly ash return device. This separator features simple structure and low resistance.

4. Heat pipe air preheater: featuring good heat transfer performance, compact structure, common material, good low-temperature waste heat recovery.

5. Cast iron economizer: avoiding wearing and low-temperature corrosion to economizer, and extending the service life.

6. Desulfurization and denitration measures:

(1) Reasonably select dolomite as the desulfurizer.

(2) Reasonably select secondary air rate of 20%-30%.

(3) Control the bed temperature at 920℃ to effectively inhibit the formation of NOx.

(4) Control the fluidization speed in CFB Boiler furnace.

(5) Control the oxygen content in flue gas to 4%.