Sunflower Seed Hull Boiler Running in Kazakhstan

Sunflower Seed Hull Boiler is another name of Sunflower Seed Shell Boiler. Sunflower seed hull is the shell of sunflower fruit after the seed is taken out. It is a by-product of sunflower seed processing industry. Since sunflower is planted widely in the world, every year a large amount of sunflower seed is available. The sunflower husk was thrown away or burnt directly as a fuel for sunflower seed processing industry in the past. The utilization rate is rather low and uneconomical. With the promotion of biomass pellet machine and biomass boiler, sunflower seed hull has become a promising raw fuel for biomass boiler.

Sunflower seed hull is an ideal fuel for biomass steam boiler. The main component is cellulose, namely a kind of hydrocarbon with high calorific value. Besides, sunflower hull has a low moisture content of 8-10%, which is suitable for biomass pellet manufacturing. So it does not need extra drying equipment, further reducing the fuel cost.

In August 2019, coal fired boiler and biomass boiler manufacturer Taishan Group won a sunflower seed hull boiler order. The final user is a big sunflower seed oil mill in Kazakhstan. The waste produced in the sunflower seed oil processing becomes the fuel for the biomass boiler.

Sunflower Seed Hull Boiler Running in KazakhstanSunflower Seed Hull Boiler Running Kazakhstan

Deign data for the Sunflower Seed Hull Boiler

Rated evaporation capacity: 10t/h

Steam pressure: 1.25MPa

Hydro test pressure: 1.65MPa

Steam temperature: 193.3℃

Feed water temperature: 105℃

Exhaust gas temperature: 168℃

Grate area: 10m2

Radiation heating area: 46.3m2

Convection heating area: 219m2

Economizer heating area: 246.6m2

Design fuel: sunflower seed hull pellet

Design efficiency: 83%

Taishan Group biomass boiler can burn various fuels including sunflower seed hull, briquette biomass fuel, sugarcane bagasse, rice husk, rice straw, coconut shell, empty fruit bunch (EFB), palm fiber, palm husk, palm kernel shell, peanut shell, agricultural waste, wood pellet, wood chip, sawdust, etc.

Post time: Oct-10-2020